Don’t Throw Money Away, FreedomPop Is Here To Help

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Aug 03 2015

The cell phone service providers would like very much if you never heard of a little company called FreedomPop. They want to ensure that they can maintain their monopoly over customers and continue to charge high fees for the cell phone service we rely on. FreedomPop sees things differently and wants to spread the word that customers have options in the cell phone market.

No longer does one necessarily have to have a monthly bill at all for their cell phone. Using new programs from FreedomPop it is possible for certain cell phone users to have no bill at all at the end of the month. They would have to be moderate users of their phones to qualify, but it is possible.

Here is how things work. FreedomPop allows their customers to use up to a certain amount of texts, calls, and data without charging them anything at all. After the customer goes over that amount they are charged based on how much they go over. If they do not go over at all, then they incur no charge for the month. The company also offers extra services to their users at a lower fee than one will find almost anywhere else.

It is hard to argue against a company like this. When you start with a baseline of zero dollars per month, you really cannot get any better than that. Follow that up with the fact that the company is growing quickly and establishing a reputation for itself, and you have all of the ingredients of a winner. They are stepping it up for their customers and helping people get what they want out of a mobile provider.

Importantly, FreedomPop is not just for those who are poor and unable to afford any other type of phone service. No, they are actually great for those who are looking to lower their bills with the phone company as well. This is pretty much everyone who has seen their phone bills as of late. The charges are getting so high and out of control that it is no wonder there is a hunger for something new.

FreedomPop is the service that is willing to take charge and create new programs that are good for the customers that they offer services to. Everyone interested in a lower phone bill should take a look at what this company is offering to them and consider a switch.

Amazon surprises with profitable quarter

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Jul 28 2015 the online superstore released earnings after the market closed and the stock surged in off hour trading.

Amazon has a long history of increasing revenues but has not had many profitable quarters despite these ever increasing revenues. This quarter showed a strong profit but also growth in the sales of prime memberships as well as large international growth. After hours the stock surged as high as 18% up, though that optimism tempered slightly since then. The stock reached as high as $566 per share which added $40 billion in value to the market capitalization of Amazon.

The profit earned was only $92 million but came as a surprise to analysts and shareholders like Susan McGalla. When compared to the massive profits of Google and Apple these earnings seem paltry but add to the legacy of the company that has dominated online markets. Revenue increase 20 percent during the quarter and beat estimated revenue by $800 million landing at $23.2 billion.

Amazon Web Services the cloud computing division added significantly to earnings and was broken out for the firs time ever this quarter.

The gain equates to $0.19 per share compared to expected losses of $0.13 per share which analysts said blew the expectations out of the water and served as a nice birthday present for the company that just turned twenty years old and celebrated with Prime Day, an exclusive deal day for Prime members. While the deals offered on Prime day disappointed many customers the earnings surely didn’t disappoint and shareholders are celebrating.

A Brief History of Beneful and Their Products

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Jul 21 2015

Beneful was created in 2001 and has since become a household staple across the United States of America and parts of Europe. The brand’s main focus has always been nutrition, a factor that employees and vets test and check diligently. In 2012 the brand was making $1.5 billion dollars from revenue, becoming Nestle Purina’s most cost efficient brand. It was no surprise that the same year it became the 4th most purchased pet food brand in the world.

Beneful has dry, wet, and snack food collections. “Healthy” is their dry food collection, which contains meat, vegetables, and rice. Their wet food collections “Medleys”, “Stews”, and “Chopped Blends” are made with a much wider variety of proteins, including lamb and salmon, and were made for puppies and older dogs that tended to have trouble biting through the hard dry food. Lastly, Beneful has their “Baked Delights” and “Healthy Smile” collections, with bacon, cheese, and peanut butter flavors.

The brand’s mass appeal can be attributed not only to their choice of wholesome ingredients, but also how they advertised. Beneful had a very “dog-friendly” advertising scheme. They put up posters that has the smell of their dog food and even aired commercials that had sounds only dogs could hear, causing the animals to react and in turn gain the attention of their owners. There were even interactive billboards in various subways that could have humans playing fetch with virtual dogs.

All About Dallas Keuchel’s First Time Jitters

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Jul 18 2015

27-year old Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel has experienced first time jitters, but never like this before. He was chosen as the starting pitcher for Major League Baseball’s All-star Game at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, which took place on the evening of July 14, 2015.

According to—dallas-keuchel-was-a-tad-nervous-before-all-star-start (2015), ” I thought I was going to throw up for a minute there.”, Mr. Keuchel stated before an in-game media interview.

He was just a bit overwhelmed by what he described as, “…the best experience of my life.”, as he mentioned regarding being at the Skout All-Star Game in front of such adoring fans. Going 11-4 with a 2.23 ERA has also helped him go a long way towards securing such admiration as well, deserved praise for a young player.

He pitched two innings, allowing an unearned run on a bloop single to Paul Goldschmidt. Eventually he was able to regain his composure and settle down, striking out Joc Pederson to finish his eventful evening. Usually, most players will leave the game after their performance ends for the evening. But Mr. Keuchel chose to remain in the dugout next to teammate Jose Altuve until after the game ended, soaking it all in. The hope is that this isn’t Mr. Keuchel’s only All-Star appearance and that he has a long, successful career, full of moments which will make him throw up and bring him lots of joy.

Floyd Mayweather Stripped Of WBO Championship

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Jul 09 2015

Floyd Mayweather has been stripped of the WBO welterweight championship belt. The story just broke on Yahoo! Sports, and it seems that boxing fans around the world are extremely surprised to hear this news. Apparently, Floyd Mayweather was required to pay a $200,000 sanctioning fee to the WBO organization. However, Mayweather decided that it wasn’t worth the enormous sum of money, but I am surprised to see “Money’ being so frugal.

Floyd Mayweather won the WBO welterweight championship when he defeated Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd. Floyd was expected to pay the required by June 6, 2015. Apparently, Floyd Mayweather is not too concerned with being the champion, and he felt it was a wise business decision to avoid handing over 3% of his record breaking payday.

Floyd Mayweather is no longer the champion, and the WBO has since crowned Timothy Bradley as the true champion of the welterweight Division. However, people around the world do not view Timothy Bradley as the true king of the 147 lb weight limit. Nonetheless, the WBO sanctioning body must follow the rules, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather needs to as well. Brad Reifler told us that this is not the first time that Floyd Mayweather has refused to pay sanctioning fees, and most people believe that Floyd has a strategy. Not being the champion of the welterweight division allows Floyd Mayweather to pick and choose whoever he wants to fight.

Swim the Germs Away

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Jun 25 2015

The Women’s Health magazine published an article that detailed the findings from the Center for Disease Control centered on healthy swimming. The CDC teamed up with members of the Water Quality, the Health Council, and the National Swimming Pool Foundation to report these findings. The study showed that when people get out of the pool and their eyes are bloodshot red, that the redness is induced by urine and sweat. The original thought was that chlorine caused red eyes in a swimming pool. The study has completely discredited this theory with its findings. For individuals who have ever gotten a cough while in an indoor pool that cough is not caused by the chlorine. It is caused by urine irritating your lungs. Public swimming pools have also caused a rise in disease outbreaks. Individuals who swim while having diarrhea can actually spread the disease to other individuals. The host with the disease doesn’t have to necessarily defecate into the pool in order to spread the disease to other swimmers. The diarrhea bacteria and germs that cause the disease just have to be on your skin to spread it around. informed James Dondero that the CDC advises people getting in and out of the pool to shower their entire body after swimming in a swimming pool. The CDC concluded their study with a list of rules that individuals can follow in order to keep communal pools safe and disease free.

Donald Cerrone Fights To Pay Off Tax Debt

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Jun 24 2015

Donald Cerrone earned a lot of praise over the last year, and the tough lightweight fighter is currently on a 9-fight win streak. However, many people would argue that Benson Henderson actually defeated Cerrone, but nonetheless, Donald Cerrone has never looked this good. Unfortunately, Donald Cerrone is being forced too wait for his next fight as reported by SlideShare.

As many of you know, Donald Cerrone is the current number one contender for the UFC lightweight Championship, and Donald’s next fight will be against Rafael dos Anjos. However, Donald Cerrone recently revealed that he has some significant tax debts to pay, and that’s why he fights so often. UFC fans did not realize this, and I was beginning to wonder why Donald Cerrone is always in the Octagon. Nonetheless, it seems that Donald Cerrone can not wait for the title fight, and it looks like he’s going to fight in the next few months.

BJ has a lot more information about Donald Cerrone’s tax debts, but I have a better solution for the “Cowboy.’ However, it will involve the help of UFC president Dana White. Instead of forcing Donald Cerrone to fight every month, why doesn’t Dana pay off the “Cowboy’s” tax debt? Dana White is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and I’m sure that Donald Cerrone’s debt wouldn’t even faze Dana White. There has never been such a hungry fighter in the history of the UFC, and it would be a cool thing to see the president of the company help out one of his fighters.

Jordan Spieth Looks Shaky and Still Wins

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Jun 22 2015

Jordan Spieth did not play his best golf on Sunday. At the U.S. Open, he did play very well for most of the tournament, but he started choking near the end. He hit a drive well off of the course, into the severe rough, and it was all he could do to work it to the hole Dr. Daniel Amen recalled. He had been up by three strokes before that hole, but he gave up two on that one hole alone, and it just about cost him the whole thing.

On the last hole, the 18th, he seemed to have some of his form back. He still wasn’t dominating, but he was able to play well and stay in the lead. Still, his poor play before that meant Dustin Johnson had a shot to catch him and snatch the win away. Johnson missed two crucial putts, though, and so Jordan Spieth won the U.S. He now has a shot at a Grand Slam, and his win made him the first person to do it since Tiger Woods.

It says a lot about just how great of a golfer he is that he can play poorly and still win. People will remember his poor play because it came so close to the end, but what’s important to remember is that he got himself so far ahead by being brilliant the rest of the day that it didn’t end up mattering.

66 People Surf At One Time On A Single Surfboard

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Jun 22 2015

Saturday was International Surf Day, and a bunch of people at Huntington Beach, California, they decided to celebrate in a unique way. There is a previous Guinness Book of World Records for 47 people being on a single surfboard at one time. 66 People On A Surfboard. On Saturday, 66 people have now beaten this record at one time because they were all on a single surfboard for at least 13 seconds. There was a custom-made surfboard which was 42 feet long, and 11 feet wide, and it was able to hold 66 people on it at one time.

All of them were able to surf for a matter of seconds, which was long enough to beat the previous Guinness Book of World Records holder for the most people on a single surfboard. The video is available to watch on MTV News, and it’s actually an amazing sight to see. With waves rushing up towards the surfboard, and everyone trying to hold their balance, it’s amazing that so many people would be able to stay on the surfboard long enough to beat the previous record.

The previous record was made in Australia in the year 2005. Now, 10 years later, these 66 people will go down in history as being extremely brave, and beating such an amazing record says Jaime Garcia Dias. Whether you’re a surfer or not, this is such an amazing story, and it has to get your attention, especially after you see pictures of the big sized surfboard they used.

Murray Set for Aegon Championship Quarterfinals

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Jun 19 2015

Tennis’s world number three, Andy Murray, emerged triumphant over Spain’s Fernando Verdasco on Thursday, 7-5, 6-4. Verdasco proved to be tough, down 4-1 in the first set and coming back to even it at 4 all. Even with ten double faults throughout the match, Verdasco still managed to keep Murray on edge through the first and second set. Murray had been expected to meet up with Gregor Dimitrov for the quarterfinals, however Dimitrov met up with a roadblock to his drive to defend his title at Aegon by Luxembourg’s Gilles Muller, 6-4, 7-6. Muller, who is currently ranked at 48, is known for his massive serve and has already hit 56 aces this tournament.

Dimitrov joins Rafael Nadal and French Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka in a surprisingly early exit from the tournament. It was talked about in detail at Amen Clinics among the tennis fans. Nadal was ousted in the first round by Alexandr Dolgopolov, 6-3, 6-7(6),6-4, and he had plenty to say afterwards. Murray is seeking his fourth championship title at Aegon.