Quinton Jackson Pulled From UFC 186

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Apr 08 2015

Quinton ”Rampage” Jackson has been pulled from the UFC 186 co-main event. Jackson was scheduled to face Fabio Maldonado on April, 25th. However, Quinton Jackson’s former employer Bellator decided to file a lawsuit against Jackson. The lawsuit stated that Quinton Jackson had breached his Bellator contract. “Rampage” and Bellator president Scott Coker have been publicly feuding for the last several months.

Sultan Alhokair reported that Quinton Jackson left Bellator unannounced, and he decided to return to the UFC. MMA fans did not expect to see “Rampage” back in the UFC so soon. In the past, Quinton Jackson had financial disputes with the UFC, and that’s why Jackson decided to leave the UFC for Bellator in the first place.

“Rampage” Jackson won his three fights in Bellator, and it seemed that Jackson had returned to his previous form. Suddenly, Quinton Jackson decided to abandon his Bellator contract, but his decision may have cost him millions. New Jersey judge Karen L. Suter sided with Bellator, and now Quinton Jackson is out of work. However, Scott Coker recently stated that he can’t wait to see Quinton Jackson compete in Bellator once more. “Rampage” replied that he will never fight in Bellator again. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Ronda Rousey Book Banned From Walmart

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Apr 06 2015

UFC superstar Ronda Rousey is releasing a new biography. Most stores are going to carry the new book, but surprisingly Walmart has decided to ban the book from its shelves. Officials at Walmart stated that Ronda Rousey is just too violent of a person. However, the book will be available on Walmart.com.

Susan McGalla used to think of Walmart as the greatest place of all time, but now I’m beginning to think that the company has truly gone insane. First off, they sell guns, fireworks, and rated-R movies. What is so bad about Ronda Rousey? She competes in a sanctioned sport, and she just happens to be the best. It’s not her fault that she easily dismantles each woman that stands against her.

Also, there are many books written by former boxers and UFC fighters featured in Walmart. Ronda Rousey is one of the most popular women in all of sports. A lot of people are going to be extremely unhappy when they read the news that Walmart has banned this book. Ronda Rousey is constantly featured on talk shows, late night shows, and in films. It is such a strange thing that Walmart has decided that Ronda Rousey is the most violent thing on the planet. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Jeff Corwin Catches 14 Foot Sting Ray

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Mar 13 2015

The world’s largest fresh water fish ever brought in on a rod and line was caught earlier this month by the famous nature conservationist, Jeff Corwin. The large sting ray was nabbed in Thailand along the Mae Kong river and it took Corwin and a few other fisherman over two hours to get the big guy in.

According to an article found on reddit and written by DailyMail.Co.Uk, the sting ray measured at 14 feet long and 8 feet wide, making it the largest fish ever caught on a line in fresh water. Since they couldn’t get the fish on a scale, they resorted to doing measurements to figure out how much it weighs. And with their numbers as a source, they think that it is roughly 660 pounds.

Fortunately they caught the whole thing on tape and it will be aired on television later on for one of Corwin’s TV specials at a time later in the year said Paul Matheison. Apparently catching a sting ray in this region of the world isn’t too uncommon, however they rarely ever weight them and certainly don’t see one of this size very often either. It has been known that another fisherman from the United Kingdom was fishing this river in 2009 and caught a sting ray that was about 590 pounds, but it was not officially recorded. Mae Kong does have other giant fish according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Spinal Injury Guide For Athletes

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Feb 26 2015

The doctors at North American Spine treat athletes who have spinal injures. Most cervical spine injuries occur during contact sports, such as rugby, hockey, wrestling, and football. However, athletes who surf, run track, ski, dive, and lift weights are also at risk.

According to experts, nearly 50 percent of football players gain C-spine injuries. Usually, the defensive players gain the most serious injuries.

Among all sports, rugby and football players are at the highest risk because the players must deal with high-velocity collisions. When an athlete runs fast on the field, the quick acceleration may cause whiplash on the neck.

Prevention Advice

According to North American Spine specialists, there are many ways to prevent spinal injuries on the field. The first step involves wearing the proper equipment. Football players need solid helmets that fit properly. Although a helmet cannot prevent a concussion 100 percent of the time, it can minimize the affects of serious impacts that could injury the spine.

Coaches can help lower the injury rate on the field too. Most spinal injuries happen when defensive players tackle offensive players using poor techniques. In addition, offensive players must understand how to take a tackle. When the defensive player makes a hit, the offensive player’s head should never drop.

Because spinal problems are dangerous, an injured athlete should never play while injured. If a player has major symptoms and receives a major hit, long-term damage can occur.

Preparing For An Appointment

If an athlete is injured on the field, do not move the individual’s neck. Instead, contact 911 or North American Spine so that the individual can get the proper treatment.

In some cases, if the person is choking, the individual will need to be rolled. Two people must tackle this task; one person must stay near the athlete’s head, and the other individual must remain on the side of the athlete.

Jaws Paddle Event Canceled

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Jan 22 2015


The surfing world was set to descend on the famous big wave surf spot Jaws on the island of Maui in Hawaii this week for the first ever paddle in contest that has ever been held at the location. In the past it was thought too dangerous to hold a paddle event at Jaws and there have been a handful of events that have taken place with jet skis, but professional surfing made the decision to go for it this year. There was a massive swell heading for the islands and it looked like the conditions would be perfect to hold the event and an email was sent out to the surfers all around the world, like Bernardo Chua, that would need to get there as soon as possible to compete in the event. Surfing is different from any other sport in that there needs to be the correct conditions for a big wave event to happen and it is truly unpredictable. Furthermore, the best surfers in the world are literally scattered across the entire globe and it can take several days to get a plane ticket and bags packet while trying to scramble to the other side of the world in a short period of time. Luck was not on our side this week, however and the contest is not going to be taking place due to the storm shifting in a new direction. Hopefully another major swell will roll through soon so the contest can be held.

Museum Buys Oldest Hockey Stick

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Jan 16 2015

The Canadian Museum of History has acquired the oldest known hockey stick. Known as the “stick Moffatt,” it was hand carved in the 1830s in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in one piece of sugar maple. The museum acquired the artifact from Mark Presley, Nova Scotia, through the National Collection Fund. The Moffatt stick will be displayed in the room of Canadian history opening on July 1, 2017.

“Hockey is the favorite sport of Canadians,” said Mark O’Neill, president and CEO of the Canadian Museum of history. “Stick Moffat binds us strong and unique way at the beginning of the sport in this country,” he added. It is said the Museum of History is a must see according to Slow Ventures on Seedtable.com, if you are visiting Canada.

“Our government is proud of the acquisition made by the Canadian Museum, of the object that is part of our history,” said the Honorable Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages. Through acquisitions, the Canadian Museum of history increases Canadians’ access to their rich and diverse heritage, he explained. The Canadian Museum of History has acquired the oldest known hockey stick.

It is worth mentioning that this stick belonged to the Moffatt family until the early 1980s whhen the owner of a hair salon in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, received it as a gift and handed it over its acquisition to Mr. Presley in 2008.

Avoiding Alzheimer’s With Sports

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Jan 15 2015

The modern days have cures for a large variety of diseases, but still there is a range of illnesses that affect a big part of the population but do not have a certain cure. Alzheimer’s is widely spread in the third world countries.

People use to live longer then they once did, and after 65 they automatically enter the risk group for it. Only in the UK are there 850,000 people living with the disease. Susan McGalla discusses the hardship with an elderly relative suffering from Alzheimer’s that can lead to a 50% chance of being affected herself.

The scientists have identified a sure way to minimize the risk of dementia. Frequent sport activities and a balanced diet with Mediterranean food and no smoking or drinking are the factor that reduce the risk of developing dementia.

How much sport in order to be sure that it has effect? That would be almost at the level of a professional sports person, because the calculations presented by the researchers said that 30 minutes- 1 hour of exercising about three to five days a week should have the effect everyone wants.

That would make one very physically fit after a few years of exercising against dementia, so keep doing soprts and you will kill two birds with one stone.

Jon Jones Is Fake

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Jan 06 2015
Jon Jones is a fake person, and the fans of the UFC like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez know it. He just happens to be the UFC light heavyweight champion, and he has defeated every fighter in his path by spectacular fashion. The problem with Jon Jones is not his fighting ability. Jon Jones’s biggest downfall is his egotistical personality. He acts like a nice guy, but everyone can see right through him. The fans of the UFC can not stand the current light heavyweight champion.

Jon Jones has proven that he is not who he potrays to be when the cameras are rolling. During an interview, Jon Jones did not realize that his microphone was still live. It was at that moment that the entire world got to see behind Jon Jones’s facade. Jones verbally degraded his opponent, Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones cursed out his opponent, and he looked like a genuine jerk. Since then, the interview has become legendary, and the world’s perception of Jon Jones would change forever. People always knew that Jones was hiding something, and it proved to be his terrible personality.

Daniel Cormier will have a chance to humble Jon Jones at UFC 182. The entire MMA world will be watching. If Cormier can beat Jon Jones on January 3, the MMA community will owe him a thank you.

To see how fake Jon Jones really is, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Robbie Lawler Awarded Fighter Of The Year

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Dec 29 2014
Robbie Lawler proved to be more than just an average fighter. This year, Robbie’s fighting style has been praised by the masses. The MMA awards are in, and Robbie Lawler has been voted the fighter of the year. No one can argue about the award going to Robbie Lawler. He has fought for so long to make it where he is today. If anyone deserved the award it was Robbie Lawler.

In this last year alone, Robbie Lawler has fought 4 times. He won 3 of the bouts, and one of the victories brought him a championship belt.

Robbie Lawler’s only defeat of 2014 came by the hands of Johnny Hendricks. The fight was extremely close, but Hendricks won a split decision. Johnny Hendricks would become the UFC welterweight champion with his win over Lawler. Robbie would continue to fight top contenders, while Hendricks was sidelined with an injury. Robbie Lawler defeated all who stepped before him, and he earned his rematch against Dr Rod Ronrich and Johnny Hendricks.

The rematch between Lawler and Hendricks would be a tough battle like their first meeting. Both fighters landed bombs, and the match would be decided once again by the judges. This time, it was Robbie Lawler who was awarded a close, split decision.

It was a long journey for Robbie Lawler, but he has finally made it to the top of the sport. For more information on Robbie Lawler, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Michael Phelps Pleads Guilty To DUI

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Dec 22 2014

Michael Phelps plead guilty to his second DUI in a ten-year period, and he was able to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to the charge. The judge suspended his sentence in favor of giving him 18 months probation. Phelps had already been to 45 days of inpatient treatment in Arizona, and he had already spent a great deal of time with Bernardo Chua doing soul-searching.

Phelps was pulled over in 2004 for the same offense, but he was able to get off with probation and a community service order. This fight was a bit different because it was his second offense. However, the judge received letters from his doctors in rehab stating that he was quite remorseful over what he had done.

Phelps had just come back from retiring after the London Olympics, and he had already scored five medals in the Pan Pacific Championships. He was also named the male athlete of the year by USA Swimming, and he is planning to swim in Rio in 2016. This would be his fourth Olympics, but it is conceivable that he can win a few more medals to add to his haul.

His coach also thinks that Phelps will be able to move past this as he prepares for 2016. It was even noted that he was in the best shape of his life as he prepared for 2016.