QNet Paves The Way In Unprecedented Healthy Offerings

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Sep 01 2015

The future of global wellness depends on direct selling
companies like QNet to deliver unprecedented life enhancement products
and services to patrons worldwide. Known for maintaining an extensive
database of over six major lifestyle offerings, this renowned company
seeks to share their unique mission through extremely qualified
independent representatives. Essentially, with their beneficial
consumer goods, QNet has increased their direct sales by 70 percent
between 2007 and 2012. Remarkably, their innovative mission in
conjunction with their proprietary offerings has greatly influenced
their distinguished recognition as the world’s leading direct
selling company. (Twitter.com Profile)

In 1998, Malaysian businessmen, Vijay Eswaran, sought to develop a
multilevel marketing company which would specialize in life
enhancement services and products. As a result, QNet launched that
same year and quickly expanded into many countries such as Hong Kong,
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, Europe, and Russia. Notably,
their early prevalence in many major countries facilitated their
growth into ten smaller countries through an extensive range of
contributory companies. Unlike their competitors who promote domestic
retailing, QNet’s popularity is the direct result of their
global philosophy.

In 2015, QNet was voted as one of the best companies to work for in
Asia during an HR Asia award ceremony held in Hong Kong. Alongside
QNet were addition winners such as Kimberly-Clark, Hong Kong Offices
of Microsoft, British American Tobacco Asia-Pacific Region, and
Yahoo!. Upon completion of this project, HR Asia concluded that these
companies maintained workplace business practices that were
unprecedented in nature. Included in the survey were 137 companies all
of which were competing under the board’s rigorous selection process.
Notably, the awards were facilitated by HR Trade Journal, one of
Asia’s most popular publications for HR professionals. QNet.com continues to expand in size and influence.

Moreover, the company’s employment popularity is influenced by
their direct selling approach. By implementing a multilevel marketing
system, independent representatives receive commission on their sales
volume as well as the volume of their peer distributors. Because this
method is incongruous to a pyramid scheme, the employees mostly
receive revenue from selling QNet’s products and only a fraction from
actual recruitment. However, individuals may consume the products at a
discounted rate when they register as an independent distributor.

In addition, independent distributors may profit from QNet’s corporate
social responsibilities, policy setting, employee benefits,
professional development, and mission. Notably, the company’s
distinguished ability to attract and attain some of the best
well-rounded individuals is influenced by their unique business
philosophy: think global, act local.

QNet surpasses competitors wellness companies as their direct selling
business model facilitates trust among distributor and
consumer. This meaningful bond ultimately results in more sales
worldwide. The company’s wide selection of life enhancement products
is sure to satisfy most individuals.

NBA Atlanta Hawks Under Bruce Levenson’s Ownership

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Aug 24 2015

Sports teams are often acquired and then stay with the owner for a long period of time, rarely being sold because of the huge cost of ownership. The NBA Atlanta Hawks were one of the teams that was recently put up for sale and sold by banker, Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson no doubt had the sports team as an investment, creating revenue from the team’s performance and then making a profit when he did decide to sell the team.

Sports fans are always interested to know who their favorite teams are sold to because ownership can play a huge role in the performance of a team. Money that the owners are willing to spend on player’s contracts, for coach’s salaries and other expenses all play a role in a team. The way the team is managed is also another huge factor and it can greatly change the season and the way a team interacts with each other and management.

One of the big stories regarding Levenson’s ownership and eventual sale was the price that the banker was asking for the team. The Atlanta Hawks were valued at one billion dollars, a price that is not overly high for a sports team, but some thought too high for the hawks. While the team did not sell for that price, the ultimate sale price did come pretty close. Levenson hired a banking firm that he has worked with in the past to put a value on the time and its future profits. While the overall valuation was not thought to be too high by most folks in the industry, some critics say that the price could’ve been higher than some were willing or able to pay.

While the team was a great way for Levenson to diversify his overall portfolio, the sale of the Hawks was a smart move for him. He was able to make a profit on the team and its sale and being the banker that he is, Levenson is always smart with his money. Not only does the sale price speak to the worth of the team, but it speaks to the value that is in an NBA sports team in general. The team is essentially a product and the NBA is a brand that is dedicated to creating value and worth for its owners and those within its employment. As one of the most recent teams to be sold, the selling price of the Hawks is a great indication of the strength of NBA teams and a great indicator for other owners and those interested in becoming sports team owners.

World’s Youngest Ubben Lecturer Has a Story You Need to Hear

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Aug 22 2015

Yeonmi Park will deliver the Ubben Lecture at DePauw University on Monday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m. With this talk, she hopes to bring her unique story to a wider audience. The event at DePauw is set to coincide with the release of her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

Park is the world’s youngest human-rights activist and the youngest lecturer given the Ubben distinction. At only 21 years of age, she has taken the world by storm. Already a speaker at the Oslo Freedom Forum and the One Young World Summit, Park has had her hands full making history. Her personal history is much less luxurious.

She was born in North Korea in 1993 to a relatively wealthy family. Her family’s luck would turn around the day her father was imprisoned. During a devastating famine, Park’s father was caught smuggling gold and other minerals to Chinese traders to support his family. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, but saw release due to illness. This instilled Park’s family with the urge to leave North Korea behind in search of a better life elsewhere.

Park says her government controlled everything about the people: how they think, what they wear, what they eat, and what opportunities they have. Most people are content to trust their government, as they would gladly offer their lives for the sake of the Party. Park said this all changed for her when she discovered a pirated version of the movie Titanic. Instead of political martyrdom, she saw humans willing to die for love. This opened her mind to a new way of thinking.

Park headed for China along with her mother and sister, leaving her sick father behind. He eventually caught up to them, but died of colon cancer somewhere on the road. That was only one horror Park endured on her path to freedom. Her mother was raped in front of her eyes, and her sister was lost and presumed dead. Throughout all the struggle, Park and her mother eventually entered South Korea. Surprisingly, her sister reemerged five years later, and they are now reunited.

The entire trip is covered in great detail in Park’s upcoming book. Her speech at DePauw University will also recount these stories, but with a spin of hope. Park hopes that by illuminating her situation she can save others from a similar fate.

I stumbled upon this event on DePauw University’s official website, depauw.edu. I look forward to attending the event and hearing more from Park about this horrifying ordeal. I’ll try to work out a question or two to ask her if given the chance.

Andy Wirth Leads Special Welfare Warriors In Ironman Triathlon

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Aug 21 2015


This September, some of the world’s top endurance athletes will descend on Lake Tahoe for the Ironman Triathlon. The grueling event combines swimming, cycling and running. Competitors can perform all three events or compete as a team with individuals splitting the duties. One local team will be competing for people other than themselves.

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, will be anchoring team Special Welfare Warriors. For the second year in a row, Wirth will be performing in the running portion of the event with two other teammates swimming and cycling. Wirth’s team will once again raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation, a charity that provides immediate and ongoing assistance to members of the Navy SEALs and their families.

Wirth has supported several charitable causes such as the Tahoe Fund for several years. His involvement with the Navy SEAL Foundation is more recent. In October of 2013, Wirth was involved in a near fatal skydiving accident that hospitalized him for three months. After he was released from the hospital he had to undergo an extensive rehabilitation program. During this time he met a group of Navy SEALs training in Squaw Valley. Wirth credits the group with inspiring him through his rehabilitation.

Less than one year after the accident, Wirth had remarkably improved to the point where he could run the marathon portion of the first Ironman Triathlon. In gratitude to his new SEAL colleagues, Wirth turned his participation in the event into a fund raiser for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Even though he is fit enough to run a marathon, Wirth continues to rehabilitate himself into pre-injury shape. He hopes to perform all three legs of the triathlon in a future event. One thing that will not change, however, is his commitment to the welfare of the Navy SEALS.

Wirth is raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation through Crowdrise. His fundraising page can be found here.

The History of the NBA and Bruce Levenson’s Part

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Aug 19 2015

There are 30 teams in the NBA today, but it started out with only 20. It was founded on June 6, 1946, in New York City, NY. It is the foremost men’s professional basketball league. The owners of the major ice hockey arenas in both the US and Canada founded the group. The first game was on November 1, 1946, and it was between the Toronto Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers. The game was played in Toronto at the Maple Leaf Gardens. This historical game was monumental in launching the NBA into the place that it is today.

It wasn’t until 1979 when things began to change. The NBA included the 3 point shot that had never been used before. That year some major players came on the scene like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. These two were monumental for bringing significant growth in fan interest to the league. The stadiums were filling up and televising the events was popular among the viewing audiences. In 1984, the two greats finally went head to head. The growth was unbelievable, and the league added three more teams during this year too. With the help of Bird, The Lakers received five titles. Johnson also helped the Celtics to take home three titles. Also, that year was the beginning of the famous Michael Jordon era. Playing for the Chicago Bulls, Jordon would become a legend.

By 1992, the Chicago Bulls was the team to beat. With players, they dubbed “the dream team” there was Scotty Pippen, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton and four others. In 1996, they added a women’s league and became the WNBA. There are all sorts of requirements to run and manage an NBA team. Dealing with the red tape can be difficult. Each of these professional teams is owned privately.

Bruce Levenson has been the owner of the Atlanta Hawks since 2004. He, along with partner Ed Peskowitz, bought the company from Turner Broadcasting. The original deal included another team, the Atlanta Thrashers, but they chose to sell that team in 2011. Levenson not only owns the team, but he also serves on the NBA Board of Governors. Overwhelmed with all his responsibilities, Danny Ferry was brought on to manage the team. Levenson also wanted to pursue other interests.

He has long been on the board for the “I Have A Dream” foundation. The goal of this charity is to help low and underprivileged children get the education they need to be successful. He has also been monumental in the Center for Philanthropy at the Maryland University. He is a prominent American Jew and has shown that being an NBA team owner doesn’t limit you to other humanitarian acts. Levenson balances his work and philanthropy well.

Keep Your Pet Healthy With The Right Dog Food

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Aug 07 2015

I’ve owned several dogs over the years, but I haven’t owned a dog for over two years now. I had to give the dog away because I was moving to a different country, and I couldn’t take the dog with me. I’ve always had healthy dogs, and I never had a problem with caring for them. I recently moved back to the United States, and I was staying with my sister. My sister has a dog that I absolutely love, but I disagree with how she’s caring for her pet. I let her know that her pet was too big for its size, and he needed to lose some weight.

She actually took insult by the fact that I told her the dog was oversized, and she didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day. I had to wait until she cooled off the next day, and then I gently explained to her the seriousness of the situation. I let her know that dogs are not supposed to be overweight, and the only reason they are is because of the food they’re eating, or because of the fact that they aren’t exercising properly. In my sister’s case, she didn’t feed the dog right, and she wasn’t exercising him.

She told me that I should do better with her dog if I can. I took this as a challenge, and I decided I would start caring for her dog. Even though I lived in the same house with her, I started buying the dog food that I believed would help him to lose weight. My food of choice for the dog was Beneful. I didn’t just choose any kind of dog food, but I picked one that would help him to lose weight. Beneful has several kinds of dog foods, but there’s also one that’s formulated for weight loss.

I started feeding the dog Beneful every day after following their Facebook page and gaining confidence in the brand, and he would eat up to three times a day. I got up in the morning, and I walked the dog for an hour. I wasn’t working at the time, so I had no problem with exercising the dog. I would take the dog for another walk in the evening, but this walk would be for half an hour. Altogether, the dog got an hour and a half of exercise each day, and he was eating food that had less calories.

Helping a dog lose weight is not much different than helping a human because the less calories you take in, the less likely humans are to gain weight. The dog was eating less calories and exercising regularly, and I regularly weighed him myself. Each week he was losing at least half a pound or more, and he was down almost four pounds by the end of the month. My sister was actually impressed, and she noticed how much more energy the dog had. Not only do I credit Beneful with the weight loss of my sister’s dog, but I also credit the fact that he exercises a lot more now.

Don’t Throw Money Away, FreedomPop Is Here To Help

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Aug 03 2015

The cell phone service providers would like very much if you never heard of a little company called FreedomPop. They want to ensure that they can maintain their monopoly over customers and continue to charge high fees for the cell phone service we rely on. FreedomPop sees things differently and wants to spread the word that customers have options in the cell phone market.

No longer does one necessarily have to have a monthly bill at all for their cell phone. Using new programs from FreedomPop it is possible for certain cell phone users to have no bill at all at the end of the month. They would have to be moderate users of their phones to qualify, but it is possible.

Here is how things work. FreedomPop allows their customers to use up to a certain amount of texts, calls, and data without charging them anything at all. After the customer goes over that amount they are charged based on how much they go over. If they do not go over at all, then they incur no charge for the month. The company also offers extra services to their users at a lower fee than one will find almost anywhere else.

It is hard to argue against a company like this. When you start with a baseline of zero dollars per month, you really cannot get any better than that. Follow that up with the fact that the company is growing quickly and establishing a reputation for itself, and you have all of the ingredients of a winner. They are stepping it up for their customers and helping people get what they want out of a mobile provider.

Importantly, FreedomPop is not just for those who are poor and unable to afford any other type of phone service. No, they are actually great for those who are looking to lower their bills with the phone company as well. This is pretty much everyone who has seen their phone bills as of late. The charges are getting so high and out of control that it is no wonder there is a hunger for something new.

FreedomPop is the service that is willing to take charge and create new programs that are good for the customers that they offer services to. Everyone interested in a lower phone bill should take a look at what this company is offering to them and consider a switch.

Amazon surprises with profitable quarter

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Jul 28 2015

Amazon.com the online superstore released earnings after the market closed and the stock surged in off hour trading.

Amazon has a long history of increasing revenues but has not had many profitable quarters despite these ever increasing revenues. This quarter showed a strong profit but also growth in the sales of prime memberships as well as large international growth. After hours the stock surged as high as 18% up, though that optimism tempered slightly since then. The stock reached as high as $566 per share which added $40 billion in value to the market capitalization of Amazon.

The profit earned was only $92 million but came as a surprise to analysts and shareholders like Susan McGalla. When compared to the massive profits of Google and Apple these earnings seem paltry but add to the legacy of the company that has dominated online markets. Revenue increase 20 percent during the quarter and beat estimated revenue by $800 million landing at $23.2 billion.

Amazon Web Services the cloud computing division added significantly to earnings and was broken out for the firs time ever this quarter.

The gain equates to $0.19 per share compared to expected losses of $0.13 per share which analysts said blew the expectations out of the water and served as a nice birthday present for the company that just turned twenty years old and celebrated with Prime Day, an exclusive deal day for Prime members. While the deals offered on Prime day disappointed many customers the earnings surely didn’t disappoint and shareholders are celebrating.

Why I Would Love To Buy An NBA Team!

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Jul 22 2015

There are numerous reasons why I would love to buy an NBA team. It is good business and there are numerous tax advantages. When Bruce Ratner bought his team, it was because he got a nice chunk of change in real estate pay. The stadium was the key to the new Brooklyn Yards development that he wanted downtown. When Mikhail Prokhorov bought his team, it was because he wanted the natural recognition that comes with ownership. He used this to help launch his political career. While there are so many reasons to buy a team, one reason few people list is the fans. The fan experience is the ultimate. The owner has the privilege of hanging out in the locker room and going to press conferences. Inviting players, like Julius Erving, suddenly becomes a reality and when you ask they come. Owning a team is amazing and exhilarating, but it does not always look so cool.

Buying a team will cost big money. The numbers are in the millions. Depending on the team and their rankings, the price could go up or down. It is not uncommon for many former players to buy a team with a hope of redemption of their image. Oftentimes, what they find is they are not made for team management. They buy these teams with the hope of making a public image for themselves, or perhaps restoring a damaged one. Owners do a lot more than just look cool. They have to set the policies, like revenue sharing, and even draft picks for those bad teams. There is a lot of politics involved; especially since it is the NBA they are dealing with.

Would you say that paying out $850 million dollars for a team is a little much? When Bruce Levenson put the Atlanta Seahawks on the market in 2012, he knew that he needed help to bring this team back to its former glory. Money was never the issue for Levenson, he has always had plenty of that. Perhaps owning a NBA team was not the area of business that he wanted to focus on. At the age of 63, the team was sold allowing Levenson to go back to his humanitarian efforts. He began his career in business in 1977. He purchased the Atlanta Seahawks in 2004 and sold them in 2012. Owning a ball team was one of the most challenging events in his life.

A Jewish man from Maryland, he graduated from the Washington University. He and his wife Karen Boyarsky, have three sons they raised together. They have lived a lavish life with homes in Maryland, Atlanta and on the Potomac River in the DC area. Known as one of the most prominent American Jews, he is well known for his benevolent efforts for peace. Though owning the team was just something that he did for a short period of time, it is something he will look back on with great fondness.

So there are many reasons why you should buy an NBA team, but it does come with a great deal of responsibility too. Even if it is just owned and operated for a few years, it can be a great run. Fame and glory are two wonderful things, but they come with a price tag. In this case, the price tag is enormous.

A Brief History of Beneful and Their Products

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Jul 21 2015

Beneful was created in 2001 and has since become a household staple across the United States of America and parts of Europe. The brand’s main focus has always been nutrition, a factor that employees and vets test and check diligently. In 2012 the brand was making $1.5 billion dollars from revenue, becoming Nestle Purina’s most cost efficient brand. It was no surprise that the same year it became the 4th most purchased pet food brand in the world.

Beneful has dry, wet, and snack food collections. “Healthy” is their dry food collection, which contains meat, vegetables, and rice. Their wet food collections “Medleys”, “Stews”, and “Chopped Blends” are made with a much wider variety of proteins, including lamb and salmon, and were made for puppies and older dogs that tended to have trouble biting through the hard dry food. Lastly, Beneful has their “Baked Delights” and “Healthy Smile” collections, with bacon, cheese, and peanut butter flavors.

The brand’s mass appeal can be attributed not only to their choice of wholesome ingredients, but also how they advertised. Beneful had a very “dog-friendly” advertising scheme. They put up posters that has the smell of their dog food and even aired commercials that had sounds only dogs could hear, causing the animals to react and in turn gain the attention of their owners. There were even interactive billboards in various subways that could have humans playing fetch with virtual dogs.